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California On Comic-Con 4 California On Comic-Con 4

Arguably the perfect man, Kassem G, interviews people at Comic-Con. Start a free Netflix trial at ...

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Does Siri Suck? Does Siri Suck?

More Info: Best Tech Deals (US):

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Next Instagram - Prev Instagram - Check out Witch's House! - Get...

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bieber suxx bieber suxx

this video is meant for haters of bieber.

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Siri finds out Steve Jobs died Siri finds out Steve Jobs died

Just havin some fun with the new iPhone!!!!!!

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racist siri racist siri

funny commercial for siri.

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Scorsese's EXCLUSIVE Alternate iPhone Commercial: Siri Sucks! Scorsese's EXCLUSIVE Alternate i...

Miss AppJudgment? Check out Tech Feed for more app news & reviews: We're really not sure why Martin Scorsese tol...

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HORNY SIRI!! iPhone 4s *Explicit* HORNY SIRI!! iPhone 4s *Explicit...

Bad bad machine. Please SUBSCRIBE and take a look at my other vids on my channel! You'll like them, promise. VLOG CHANNEL: http://...

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Siri Sucks !! Siri Sucks !!

this is just a little sketch i made after i got the Iphone 4s...btw i'm just joking I love siri !! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :D:D:D FOLLOW ...

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siri!!!!! siri!!!!!

fight between siri and galaxy.

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