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aur ahista kije batain by pankaj udhas aur ahista kije batain by pankaj...

its a beautiful song jus experience it once..

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Pankaj udhas - Aur ahista kijiye baatiein - Melodious song Pankaj udhas - Aur ahista kijiye...

Pankaj udhas - Aur ahista kijiye baatiein.

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"Aur aahista keejiye baatein" a ...

"Aur aahista keejiye baatein" is an amazing romantic album song which is acted by the bollywood actress sameera reddy.

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Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein - Pankaj Udhas.flv Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein - Pank...

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Aur ahista kijiye baatein - Pankaj Udhas Aur ahista kijiye baatein - Pank...

Pankaj Udhas - aur ahista kijiye baatein....!!

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Aur Aahista Kiji Baatein,Pankaj Udas - YouTube.flv Aur Aahista Kiji Baatein,Pankaj ...


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Faizan Zaidi - Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein (Cover) Faizan Zaidi - Aur Aahista Kijiy...

A random cover sitting at my friend's place from summer 2011.

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Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein instrumental on Keyboard Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein instr...

Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein (Pankaj Udhas) instrumental on Keyboard my favorite & one special request from a closed friend..I tried...

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Someone Like You Aur Aahista(Mashup Cover) Someone Like You Aur Aahista(Mas...

Hi Everyone.. This is a Mashup Cover of Adele- Someone Like you and Pankaj Udhas- Aur Aahista sung by Prashanth Lalan. Video and M...

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Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein

Song: Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein Album: Jashn- A Silver Jubilee Collection Vol.2 Singer: Pankaj Udhas.

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